Omit the slash, allow various endpoints to work
Use the goatcounter here, too
Remove buttons, explicit link with an underline
Fix the Ashlander conditional.
Correct the check for ashlanders.
Update bnfgen.js blob for the empty comment line fix.
Add a "post-Morrowind" meta target and make some fixes.
Add names from Skyrim.
Add names from Oblivion.
Simplify the Daggerfall Nord surname rule.
Rework the number of names UI and add a link to the data file.
Handle special cases with races missing from Arena/Daggerfall explicitly
to avoid having the grammar return the same placeholder multiple times.
Fix typo in the Regduard option.
Link to the mailing list for contributions
Add some webview styles and a noscript message
Source this stuff externally

But from a still-trusted source.  This allows momw style changes to
propagate to here automatically.