mousikofidi/mousikofidi/templates/index.html -rw-r--r-- 227 bytes
It isn't a link anymore
Remove the link, for now at least

I got some feedback about this and I agree, but having this be a link
is sort of disorienting since it links outside to mousikofidi.info.

At some point, this could be a configurable thing.
Don't clutter the index with a list of playlists

Do link to the official home page via the large logo.
A special logo easter egg that can be disabled

Ogenfald has graciously created several variations on the MousikóFídi
logo that now display on various days/months of the year.

It defaults to being on if it isn't configured, but can be disabled
altogether by putting `holidays: false` in your config.yml.
Setuptools installation (#50)
Show playlists on the index if there are any (#36)

I've also added this table to the "Browse" view because why not.
Autoplay and related things, and quite a bit of cleanup

* Playable items now have a green "play" arrow next to them.  When you
  cick that arrow the item opens with `autoplay` toggled.
* Simplified args for browse_file(); there was no reason to require
  lists from outside the function.
* The index page is now a better landing or splash page.
* Expanded tests by quite a bit.  Now a lot more UI elements are
  tested to the point where it should be everything that matters.