mousikofidi/mousikofidi/templates d---------
No need to hide this on mobile, really
Keyboard controls for the player (#73)
This isn't needed, it's all js now
The secret_key isn't needed for either anymore
Big sha, link to that rev too
Selectively pluralize
Use TOML for configuration (#135)

* Existing, valid YAML configs are converted at startup (inlcuding
  files specifified by the user, e.g. with `FIDI_CFG`).
* Existing secret keys will be replaced with new ones that are
  friendly to the TOML parser. This is a one-time thing.
* I've also deleted all "search" code, it won't really be usable when
  "real" search is possible anyways.
The time link isn't useful or shareable on the queue page (#121)
Don't try to set the title too early on the queue page

Also set a nicer default "playing text", so at least folks with a
bigger queue know stuff is loading and will update.
Make the app aware of its version, and a better about page (#126)
Adding a webmanifest (#117)
Fix going to an album from a single track
That shouldn't be a link

At least, what it is now isnt right.
Fix adding a single track

Still used the old cookie code
Navigate to the former dir's position with breadcrumb links (#111)
Queue order editing (#33)