mousikofidi/mousikofidi/static d---------
Don't init the player if it's already playing
Prevent titles from "reverting"
Keyboard controls for the player (#73)
The text flash isn't needed when we have notify messages
Update the playing title and info in a few cases where they weren't

Now, when a queue is loaded with a song playing and then is
subsequently cleared, and a new playlist is loaded, the title and
track counts update as expected.

The track counts also update as expected when a queue is appended to,
though the bug of playback stopping in that case still happens.
Don't render the load controls when playlists are off
Don't break tests when there's no playlists
More "standard" behavior for this (#119)
Update numbers if now playing track is moved (#122)
That escape is needed here, too
Avoid a needless infinite loop (#134)
Don't try to set the title too early on the queue page

Also set a nicer default "playing text", so at least folks with a
bigger queue know stuff is loading and will update.
One way to set text, use it everywhere (#118)

This also allows videos to get the same "goto on click" effect with
the title.
They look better this way
That's a far better endpoint
Fix adding a single track

Still used the old cookie code
Add a nice visual effect
Explicit white for this