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Don't blow up when there's no cover art
Keyboard controls for the player (#73)
This isn't needed, it's all js now
Consider the item rather than returning based on config content
That should be a debug message, not a warning
That function isn't needed anymore
Read embedded cover art (#136)

* Also change the config option to `show_cover_art`
* Ogg and MP4 don't seem to work, at least the "base64" I get from
  mutagen is not usable.
* It actually is possible to get the track length of ogg files, so now
  we do that.
* Properly handle all config settings; now, helpful messages are shown
  instead of just a python explosion.
* Special handling for using a local custom favicon/logo.
* Unbreak the path for js tests
* Add the link context for the about page
Better names

Might as well do this while the TOML move is fresh.
Ship some samples with the app, install the theme on new setups

It might be useful to ship some sample files with the application,
like the various service control files and etc.

Also, on new setups, install an mp3 copy of "The MousikóFídi Theme",
as both a sample and as a homage to the old winamp jingle.
Don't consider common files "bunk" (#124)
Warn about and provide defaults for these
More helpful, so folks can know where the bunkage is
Properly handle a fresh conversion
Bad formatting produces bad results
Better compatibility
Use TOML for configuration (#135)

* Existing, valid YAML configs are converted at startup (inlcuding
  files specifified by the user, e.g. with `FIDI_CFG`).
* Existing secret keys will be replaced with new ones that are
  friendly to the TOML parser. This is a one-time thing.
* I've also deleted all "search" code, it won't really be usable when
  "real" search is possible anyways.
Make the app aware of its version, and a better about page (#126)
Adding a webmanifest (#117)