Don't blow up when there's no cover art
No need to hide this on mobile, really
Don't init the player if it's already playing
Prevent titles from "reverting"
Keyboard controls for the player (#73)
The text flash isn't needed when we have notify messages
New tests, uncomment some old ones, delete others
We don't need a version when we already have one
This isn't needed, it's all js now
Don't upload "beta" releases to PyPI
Consider the item rather than returning based on config content
That should be a debug message, not a warning
Update the playing title and info in a few cases where they weren't

Now, when a queue is loaded with a song playing and then is
subsequently cleared, and a new playlist is loaded, the title and
track counts update as expected.

The track counts also update as expected when a queue is appended to,
though the bug of playback stopping in that case still happens.
That function isn't needed anymore
Don't render the load controls when playlists are off
The secret_key isn't needed for either anymore
Read embedded cover art (#136)

* Also change the config option to `show_cover_art`
* Ogg and MP4 don't seem to work, at least the "base64" I get from
  mutagen is not usable.
* It actually is possible to get the track length of ogg files, so now
  we do that.
* Properly handle all config settings; now, helpful messages are shown
  instead of just a python explosion.
* Special handling for using a local custom favicon/logo.
* Unbreak the path for js tests
* Add the link context for the about page