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A special logo easter egg that can be disabled

Ogenfald has graciously created several variations on the MousikóFídi
logo that now display on various days/months of the year.

It defaults to being on if it isn't configured, but can be disabled
altogether by putting `holidays: false` in your config.yml.
Recognize video track number data and display it (#65)
Plug in the terminal theme, dehardcode themes in general
Give a proper message when there's no config file
Adding icons as an optional feature, defaulting to off (#56)
Don't show javascript tests when there's nothing to test

Maybe some day this can be rigged up to use a random sample from a
configured music_dir.
Setuptools installation (#50)
Provide a "mobile title" that is truncated (#52)

Some track titles, or file names, might be really long and cause a
page overflow on mobile.  This prevents that by displaying a truncated
version of the title or file name.
Prevent a crash when loading playlists (#54)
Provide and display more tags
Track time links for playlist views too (#49)
Fix the playlist detail blowing up when a bad entry is present

Now an error is printed into the logs, and any good tracks are loaded.
Fix metadata problems

I was missing keys for some, the priorities were wrong for others.
This page needs a top link too
Allow overwriting saved playlists with a confirmation (#48)

I've also greatly expanded tests.
The get_playlists function needed a test
Use the right mimetype for video files
The link is needed on these pages too
Move the js tests into the app, rename the player lib too

Now actual playback and related functionality can be tested against
the example data.