A special logo easter egg that can be disabled

Ogenfald has graciously created several variations on the MousikóFídi
logo that now display on various days/months of the year.

It defaults to being on if it isn't configured, but can be disabled
altogether by putting `holidays: false` in your config.yml.
Credit ogenfald for the Terminal theme
Display the now playing track title for videos (#63)
Missed this, track number data goes here
Recognize video track number data and display it (#65)
Fix several more problems with repeat and shuffle (#71, #72)

* Handle when the play function is called with a null play arrow,
  which can happen when a playlist ends (whether repeat or shuffle are
  enabled or not).
* Randomize a play order based on the play arrow count, not the
  'track' count.
* Better detection of the state of random and shuffle overall.  This
  results in simpler conditions in the endedTrackListener function.
* The status of playback being ended or not is stored in a div and
  manipulated as needed as a means to communicate it a playlist is
  done or not between track play attempts.
* Javascript tests have been improved a little bit to try and detect
  some of the issue seen with randomization.
Don't center everything everywhere
Plug in the terminal theme, dehardcode themes in general
Initial add of the terminal theme

There's no way to use it yet.
Derive the version number from git commits/tags (#60)

If not git executable is found, then just use the current date/time
mashed into a string.
Fix more problems with shuffle and repeat

A combination of existing problems and new ones brought on by the
addition of the mobile specific buttons caused shuffle to be broken in
a number of contexts (even after the previous commits which proclaimed
to fix these problems).
Make the link button consistent with the player versions, add tests
Fix shuffle with repeat all

This has probably been an issue for a while, and it still needs a
Give a proper message when there's no config file
Results should be at the top
Fix the rest of the mobile shuffle issues, make tests for them
Fix shuffling on mobile

Both buttons have to be checked
Added an executable for a 'client'

It's just a wrapper for opening a web browser, but it might be nice to