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Added an executable for a 'client'

It's just a wrapper for opening a web browser, but it might be nice to
Set the minimum Python here too
Reading requirements from the file is more DRY
Flask doesn't support Python 3.4
Python 3.7 is supported
Add a script to the setuptools installer

This is simply a convenience wrapper around `flask` and `uwsgi` but I
think it makes sense to add it.`
Expand setup.py, add PyPI deploy tools

* The debian build will now run a script that will, on a git tag push,
  use `twine` to upload MousikóFídi to PyPI.
* .gitignore and clean targets updated to reflect new stuff.
* dev requirements are also updated with new things for building and
* A small shell script to check that 1) there's no local changes, and
  2) it's a git tag commit.  If both, then a package upload is
The license header should go here
Setuptools installation (#50)