Obey prefers-color-scheme (#97)

If the light theme is in use and prefers-color-scheme is set to
'dark', then the dark theme will be automatically selected.
The play button should be on the outside (#37)
Fix tests ...

... I really need some pre-commit hook to ensure this.
Sample runit scripts (#9)

These prevented nginx from doing its job.
Better logging for debug
This is the right way to test that

... this actually fixes #87
Don't change a custom image (#87)
Dynamically load the logo (#86)
Click the now playing title to jump to it (#81)

Cleaned up unneeded title setting code in playAudio() and playVideo(),
these two functions could probably be DRY'd up now.

I've also removed a bunch of javascript tests that no longer apply due
to the aforementioned cleanup.
Fix double audio/video playback when the slugs are the same (#84)
Disable searching

... for now.  It's just too slow to be useful.
Pull searching logic out of the view
Let the nav fit better on mobile when it gets crowded
Actually disable searching when it's disabled
File searching (#76)

Disabled by default, a search page is now available which searches
every file in a user's collection.

While this is much slower than a db-backed search, it's surprisingly
fast on my very large personal collection.
Deploy the demo via a build (#66)