ref: 2a0f83e9911c4b2bda263c18421d9c25258df18c mousikofidi/mousikofidi d---------
Let the nav be one line on mobile
Theater View is 90%, not 100%
Fix theater mode

It broke when I changed what 'theme' is
Clean up style handling

Moved most if not all of the logic about what CSS is rendered into the
python backend.

Now, the only template-side logic is there to conditionally load the
dark theme when light is selected.

The "/css" part of the paths for each theme has been trimmed out and
is now explicit; the prefix is properly computed based on if debug is
True or not and "/css" is a part of that computation.
Point to the ticket, not the wiki
Clean up the settings page

Now it's a table layout with one submit button, using one form element
instead of two separate ones.
DRY up code and prevent a dupe link
Rename the 'user playlist' to queue, and all the related changes

Additionally, the nav "Playlist" link is now two links; one for all
playlists (if there are any), and another for the user queue.
Don't clutter the index with a list of playlists

Do link to the official home page via the large logo.
A quick transition effect when adjusting cover art sizes
Let flask handle encoding and decoding of paths in URLs

This change allows for deleting a bit of code, and changing any place
that had anything to do with encoded/unencoded paths.

Now, url_for() is used throughout templates and all url encoding is
done by Flask.  This allows for totally "clean"-looking URLs in more
recent releases of Firefox.
Don't show "0" when there's no tracktotal (#99)