Dangling playlist -> queue renames
Don't shadow the function name
Make target for annotations, ignore those files (and clean them)
Refactor the file extension checks to be more extensible and consice.

This also enables making them configurable in the future.
The curl package is needed for annotations
Update flake8, fix comparison
Test for the 'no usable media' message
Inform when no usable media files are found (#103)
Point to the home page rather than the wiki on sourcehut
That broke when item_list became audio_list
Load custom css last, add tests for that and logo selection
Sometimes parts of file names or titles are big

Names were previously truncated if they were one big continuous
string, but parts of file names or titles can be really big too.  This
causes overflows on mobile, so those are now truncated as well.
Let the nav be one line on mobile
Theater View is 90%, not 100%
Fix theater mode

It broke when I changed what 'theme' is