ref: 10a6be437fae88ad5aeb3ee3cfe68792d0effeff mousikofidi/setup.py -rw-r--r-- 2.6 KiB
Added an executable for a 'client'

It's just a wrapper for opening a web browser, but it might be nice to
Set the minimum Python here too
Reading requirements from the file is more DRY
Flask doesn't support Python 3.4
Add a script to the setuptools installer

This is simply a convenience wrapper around `flask` and `uwsgi` but I
think it makes sense to add it.`
Expand setup.py, add PyPI deploy tools

* The debian build will now run a script that will, on a git tag push,
  use `twine` to upload MousikóFídi to PyPI.
* .gitignore and clean targets updated to reflect new stuff.
* dev requirements are also updated with new things for building and
* A small shell script to check that 1) there's no local changes, and
  2) it's a git tag commit.  If both, then a package upload is
The license header should go here
Setuptools installation (#50)