ref: 0.23 mousikofidi/test_mousikofidi.py -rw-r--r-- 128.3 KiB
The logo as a placeholder
Dangling playlist -> queue renames
Test for the 'no usable media' message
Load custom css last, add tests for that and logo selection
Fixing the css load order
Clean up style handling

Moved most if not all of the logic about what CSS is rendered into the
python backend.

Now, the only template-side logic is there to conditionally load the
dark theme when light is selected.

The "/css" part of the paths for each theme has been trimmed out and
is now explicit; the prefix is properly computed based on if debug is
True or not and "/css" is a part of that computation.
Clean up the settings page

Now it's a table layout with one submit button, using one form element
instead of two separate ones.
Rename the 'user playlist' to queue, and all the related changes

Additionally, the nav "Playlist" link is now two links; one for all
playlists (if there are any), and another for the user queue.
Let flask handle encoding and decoding of paths in URLs

This change allows for deleting a bit of code, and changing any place
that had anything to do with encoded/unencoded paths.

Now, url_for() is used throughout templates and all url encoding is
done by Flask.  This allows for totally "clean"-looking URLs in more
recent releases of Firefox.
Don't show "0" when there's no tracktotal (#99)
Try to display cover art (#8)

Make several assumptions in order to try and show what the album art
is for the particular directory or file.
Fix tests ...

... I really need some pre-commit hook to ensure this.
Click the now playing title to jump to it (#81)

Cleaned up unneeded title setting code in playAudio() and playVideo(),
these two functions could probably be DRY'd up now.

I've also removed a bunch of javascript tests that no longer apply due
to the aforementioned cleanup.
Fix double audio/video playback when the slugs are the same (#84)
File searching (#76)

Disabled by default, a search page is now available which searches
every file in a user's collection.

While this is much slower than a db-backed search, it's surprisingly
fast on my very large personal collection.
Move to the current track in a playlist (#83)

Toggled with a checkbox, when an audio track changes the page will
smoothly move to where it is on the list.
Display track length (#80)