ref: 0.23 mousikofidi/example d---------
Don't show "0" when there's no tracktotal (#99)
Try to display cover art (#8)

Make several assumptions in order to try and show what the album art
is for the particular directory or file.
Sample runit scripts (#9)
Added an executable for a 'client'

It's just a wrapper for opening a web browser, but it might be nice to
Mention automatic usage of an ini file, better wording
Help is not an error per say

I definitely don't want it failing builds.
Add a script to the setuptools installer

This is simply a convenience wrapper around `flask` and `uwsgi` but I
think it makes sense to add it.`
Adding icons as an optional feature, defaulting to off (#56)
Setuptools installation (#50)
Provide and display more tags
Filling out more tests where they were needed

I've finally added a real MP4 file to be used in the example data.
Adding a preload option for audio and video

Enabling this will tell the player to fully load the entire track at
once.  Doing this should help when connections aren't totally stable
and prevent track skipping or stalling.
Save the user playlist

Among many other things, this involves removing the `playlist_dir`
string in favor of the `playlist` dict.

Mixed in here is the addition of title to several elements on various