ref: 0.23 mousikofidi/Makefile -rw-r--r-- 4.3 KiB
Make target for annotations, ignore those files (and clean them)
Run tests before any commit (#95)

Also added: several ways to easily install the hook.  I can't 100%
ensure that it's installed, but as it is now one can set it up with
one command (or another).
Added Terminal-Solarized theme
Changed default Terminal theme to white on black
Initial add of the terminal theme

There's no way to use it yet.
Expand setup.py, add PyPI deploy tools

* The debian build will now run a script that will, on a git tag push,
  use `twine` to upload MousikóFídi to PyPI.
* .gitignore and clean targets updated to reflect new stuff.
* dev requirements are also updated with new things for building and
* A small shell script to check that 1) there's no local changes, and
  2) it's a git tag commit.  If both, then a package upload is
Setuptools installation (#50)
Move the js tests into the app, rename the player lib too

Now actual playback and related functionality can be tested against
the example data.
The proj dir needs to be pwd for these
Tests for javascript (#23)
Fix plus button styling on the NES theme (#25)
Added javascript to manage the user playlist

This code handles loading the right src URL into the HTML5 audio
player, and other things.
Explicitly use the example config in tests, adjust build as well