ref: 0.23 mousikofidi/.gitignore -rw-r--r-- 157 bytes
Make target for annotations, ignore those files (and clean them)
Ignore soupault files from the website branch
Expand setup.py, add PyPI deploy tools

* The debian build will now run a script that will, on a git tag push,
  use `twine` to upload MousikóFídi to PyPI.
* .gitignore and clean targets updated to reflect new stuff.
* dev requirements are also updated with new things for building and
* A small shell script to check that 1) there's no local changes, and
  2) it's a git tag commit.  If both, then a package upload is
Added javascript to manage the user playlist

This code handles loading the right src URL into the HTML5 audio
player, and other things.