ref: 0.23 mousikofidi/.builds d---------
The curl package is needed for annotations
Deploy the sha that has been built
Deploy the demo via a build (#66)
Added an executable for a 'client'

It's just a wrapper for opening a web browser, but it might be nice to
Add building the dist stuff to the builds
Use the helper script in the build
Expand setup.py, add PyPI deploy tools

* The debian build will now run a script that will, on a git tag push,
  use `twine` to upload MousikóFídi to PyPI.
* .gitignore and clean targets updated to reflect new stuff.
* dev requirements are also updated with new things for building and
* A small shell script to check that 1) there's no local changes, and
  2) it's a git tag commit.  If both, then a package upload is
The fedora build is exceptionally flaky

Constantly failing on some initialization step, dnf update or
similar.  I'll revisit this in the future, perhaps.