An mp3 might not have tags available, prevent a crash
Showing errors in the UI is optional, default: off (#143)
Don't center the console text
Allow "next" when it's the "last" track but shuffled (#142)
Corrections from the language-server linter
This is a dependency, help people not miss it
Need to specify this
Don't blow up when an image can't be encoded
Use the right method to provide track metadata via the API (#138)

Also ensure some classes are present for mobile views.
This is the correct way to test for that
Keep the name short and the start_url explicit (#117)
Special handling for the queue page

Make those vanishing arrows work here, too.
Don't try to clear nothing
Shortcuts aren't needed when the page isn't so big
Fade up and down links in and out as needed

There's no need to show a "top link" when we're already at the top of
the page, same for the "bottom link" when we are at the bottom.