c70b0062403bca769319313c7411460cadf744f8 — Hristos N. Triantafillou 8 months ago 3959050
Point to the ticket, not the wiki
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M mousikofidi/mousikofidi.py
M mousikofidi/mousikofidi.py => mousikofidi/mousikofidi.py +2 -2
@@ 720,8 720,8 @@ def handle_playlist_cmd(cmd: str, path: str, context: dict) -> dict:

    flashme = """<p class="bold center red">The playlist add operation could not be
completed because it would cause the playlist to exceed the max cookie size!</p>
<p class="bold center red">See <a href="https://man.sr.ht/~hristoast/mousikofidi/user_guide.md#adding-tracks-to-the-playlist">
this User's Guide entry</a> for more information.</p>"""
<p class="bold center red">See <a href="https://todo.sr.ht/~hristoast/mousikofidi/98">
this ticket</a> for more information about how this will be fixed.</p>"""

    p_size = len(bytes(str(context["queue"]), "utf8"))
    dbg("p_size: " + str(p_size))