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@@ 19,7 19,7 @@ If you just want to run MousikóFídi locally to check it out:

	mousikofidi --dev

Now, open `` in a browser to use MousikóFídi.
Now, open `` in a browser to use MousikóFídi.  You may also want to [configure some media sources](#configuring-mousik--f--di).

## Server Quickstart

@@ 132,7 132,7 @@ Open this file with a text editor to alter any values as desired:
    sudo su - fidi
    vi ~/.config/fidi/config.yml

See [the Config wiki page](https://man.sr.ht/~hristoast/mousikofidi/config.md) for more information.
See [the Config Guide](https://mousikofidi.info/config/#music-dirs) as well as [the User's Guide](https://mousikofidi.info/user_guide/#adding-your-collection) for more information.

If running on your local machine, at this point you may open `` in a browser to use MousikóFídi.