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Results should be at the top
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M mousikofidi/templates/test_js.html
M mousikofidi/templates/test_js.html => mousikofidi/templates/test_js.html +1 -1
@@ 37,9 37,9 @@
  <button class="hidden" data-stat="off" id="vid-shuffle" title="Click to toggle between a shuffled track order on and off.">Shuffle Off</button>

  <!-- The below three elements are not required or used by the js that's being tested. -->
  <div id="__results"></div>
  <div id="__failed"></div>
  <div id="__passed"></div>
  <div id="__results"></div>

  {% endif %}
  <h1 class="center"><a href="{{ url_for('.index') }}">Get me outta here!</a></h1>