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Test for the 'no usable media' message
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Inform when no usable media files are found (#103)
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It's a link


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MousikóFídi: Your Music Cloud

MousikóFídi is a web application for streaming audio and video files from your personal collection. It aims to be easy to install and use, with a minimal amount of dependencies.

Logos by ogenfald

Demo | IRC | Wiki | Known Issues | Submit Issue | Planned Features | PyPI

Install And Configure

See the setup guide on the project wiki.

Using MousikóFídi

See the user guide on the project wiki.

Developing MousikóFídi

See the developer setup guide on the project wiki.

Project Goals

  • Maintain simple installation, setup, and usage processes.
  • Require minimal dependencies.
  • Use only vanilla javascript.
  • A responsive user interface that eliminates the need for any app.