Link Rob's video and guide
Fix the webmanifest, now you can actually "install" the site
Aaaaaand a few more.
The rest of the renames that I missed
Adjust name and author as requested by the author via email

I'm also preserving the old `hotv-` slug, it redirects to the new one.
A few more words changed
Say the right plugin name (#656)
Another small term change
Call them "Dev Builds", and use the new links
A note for non-English players (#626)
Don't recommend the BookArt files from this (#626)
Remove remaining folder that's now gone (#639)
Show an example usage for Linux and macOS (#651)
Additional file renames (#649)
Don't use Dirnae's Beast Animations (#643)

Animation Compliation provides an improved version of this.
Escape those evil forward slashes