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Describe two usage contexts
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M momw/momw/data_seeds/by_category/landmasses.py
M momw/momw/data_seeds/by_category/landmasses.py => momw/momw/data_seeds/by_category/landmasses.py +3 -1
@@ 112,7 112,9 @@ def init():
            "status": "live",
            "tags": [tag_game_expanding],
            "url": nexus_mod("46810"),
            "usage_notes": """There's two downloads, this site describes how to use the full "Tomb of the Snow Prince" setup.  Please keep in mind that the "Graphical Replacer" plugin may have different setup steps.""",
            "usage_notes": """<p>There's two downloads, this page describes how to use the full "Tomb of the Snow Prince" setup as part of the <a href="/lists/total-overhaul/">Total Overhaul</a> list.</p>

<p>If you're doing the <a href="/lists/graphics-overhaul/">Graphics Overhaul</a> list, then you want to use the <code>010 Solstheim - HD Worldspace Graphical Replacer</code> folder from the Graphical Replacer download, optionally also <code>011 Skyrim-Like Trees</code>.  There are no plugins required for that setup.</p>""",