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A note about mystery crashes
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@@ 182,6 182,7 @@ tes3cmd delete --type cell --id '\(12, 14\)' mw_AesAdGrass_AC_Grass_cells.esp</c
    <li>It isn't clear how one can generate modded and vanilla content together. Maybe I've missed some usage for the mesh generator, but I couldn't get it to work, hence my steps above doing them separately.</li>
    <li>I had issues properly generating groundcover for the Grazelands region when three mods affected terrain there. I had to investigate which modded changes to that region I'd skip in favor of vanilla groundcover.</li>
    <li>If there is no way to generate them all together, it'd be nice to at least merge the generated plugins once you're done doing all the manual steps to them. Unfortunately, every time I did this I ended up with missing groundcover that was present pre-merge. As of yet I've been unable to determine what happened in those cases, so my custom plugins are all un-merged.</li>
    <li>Some mods cause the mesh generator to crash and I've not been able to determine why. In this case, I generated grass without considering them and hope things looked okay.</li>
    <li>There will almost certainly be placement mistakes, so you will want to take a look for things like groundcover seeping into a road, a rock, or other mistakes.</li>