ref: fe7dc4e8e44654a4691165a87818d15e77d09caa hristoast/soupault.conf -rw-r--r-- 6.1 KiB
More comments, and some cleanup
A couple more, for good measure
Reorganize and document the config

But don't add comments to /every/ widget, since many are pretty
self-explanatory, and some nearly identical to others.
Only use tracking js on the live site
Remove footnotes from excerpts while generating the atom feed
Those are time elements, so they become bold
Smaller heading for these
Add and use a sitemap plugin

For generating a sitemap.xml file, silly!

I've also used single-quotes for regexes to avoid needing double
Update soupault to 2.2.0, use a lua-based feed generator

Also sneak in some new path regexes for my blog indexes.
A regex, to get both indexes
No verbose by default
Update soupault to the 2.0.0 beta and use some new goodies
Actually use the dark mode code styles
No debug all the time
DRY up the config a bit with some regex

Also change some selectors to go with the new setup, and erase some
commented out stuff.
Use the built-in index stuff