Add and use a sitemap plugin

For generating a sitemap.xml file, silly!

I've also used single-quotes for regexes to avoid needing double
Link to the site stats
No links, they come from the toc plugin now

Prevent dark mode from looking terrible
That isn't really needed
Different links for different kernels
Mention other options
The correct package name
Add the dolphin-emu package
Cover linux5.10 now, too
Update soupault: 2.2.0 -> 2.3.0
Clarify the state of my usage of MPD + bluetooth
PDS out, TKG/MuQSS in
No need to specify a version
Can't use an iframe for this anymore, apparently
Update soupault to 2.2.0, use a lua-based feed generator

Also sneak in some new path regexes for my blog indexes.