ref: e889a81072a5918ad692459572b1f91382b8fe84 hristoast/soupault.conf -rw-r--r-- 3.6 KiB
I don't want those there, they aren't useful anyways
Update the stream to use HLS instead of dash

This should have better compatibility with iThings.
Create and use the source link plugin
Tweak section-link-highlight and use it
Start using the footnotes widget
Use a widget to render the track seeking js when <video> is present
Use the last-modified widget to show when a page was last changed
Selectively load asciinema-player.css
Rename the plugin, use the official version
I don't need this

It's pretty, but trying to decorate something I've populated via an
XHR request is proving to be more trouble than I want right now.
Add and use the conditional-insert plugin

A nicer way of doing what I'd been using the 'insert_html' widget for.
Initial commit of the working site