No stream controls when it's off
Try to show the status of the stream

Doing this also makes it so the video isn't loaded when the stream
isn't live.
Something is better than nothing here
I don't want those there, they aren't useful anyways
Don't try to do stuff when it isn't needed
Update the stream to use HLS instead of dash

This should have better compatibility with iThings.
Use the updated section link highlight plugin
List the new nginx-rtmp package
Fix source link plugin behaviour in the case when target element already has links in it.

The original implementation would look up the first <a> child
rather than the <a> element created for the page source link,
so it would modify the href= attribute of a wrong link
and leave the right link inactive.

Also, remove the default of the repo_base option and do nothing if it's missing.

Signed-off-by: Hristos N. Triantafillou <me@hristos.triantafillou.us>
Make the default match the output
Create and use the source link plugin
Tweak section-link-highlight and use it