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<h3>Installing Mesa</h3>

<p>To install the Mesa packages, use this command:</p>
  To install the Mesa packages, use this command:

<pre><code>sudo xbps-install MesaLib-devel-19.3_rc4 libEGL-19.3_rc4 libGL-19.3_rc4 libGLES-19.3_rc4 libOSMesa-19.3_rc4 libgbm-19.3_rc4 libglapi-19.3_rc4 libxatracker-19.3_rc4 mesa-ati-dri-19.3_rc4 mesa-intel-dri-19.3_rc4 mesa-nouveau-dri-19.3_rc4 mesa-opencl-19.3_rc4 mesa-vmwgfx-dri-19.3_rc4</code></pre>

  To get 32bit packages:

<pre><code>sudo xbps-install libEGL-32bit-19.3_rc4 libGL-32bit-19.3_rc4 libGLES-32bit-19.3_rc4 libOSMesa-32bit-19.3_rc4 mesa-ati-dri-32bit-19.3_rc4 libglapi-32bit-19.3_rc4</code></pre>

<p>The packages need to be installed all at once, or else they will fail to install due to version conflicts.</p>

<p>To uninstall:</p>