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<h1 id="title">Fallout New Vegas On Linux With Wine And DXVK</h1>

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  <span>Posted: <time id="post-date">2020-01-13</time></span>
  <span>Posted: <time id="post-date">2020-01-13</time> | Updated: <time>2021-07-05</time></span>

<p><span class="bold caps">Updated:</span> See <a href="/blog/fallout-3-on-linux-with-mods/">this entry</a> which describes the entire end-to-end modding process with Fallout 3!</p>

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  I've recently had the urge to remove Windows 10 from my gaming PC and go 100% Void Linux.  Fallout New Vegas is one of my favorite games, and one that until now I only played on Windows.  Nowadays, not only does the game work reliably but there are curated installers that get you rolling with optimal configurations that a newcomer would have no idea about.  Read on as I describe this process, and the results!