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Use the new, not deprecated function.
Add modes for working with Terraform

A terraform-specific mode as well as a mode for company.
Explicitly ensure rainbow delimiters to prevent install errors
Fix python environment

As an unexpected result of using `use-package-always-ensure`,
python-mode was pulled from MELPA vs just using the one that comes
with Emacs.

This caused wildly different behavior, with import errors and other
things causing python tracebacks (from the "Python Fast" buffer) to be
printed into my code.

Explicitly saying ":ensure nil" lets the built in python-mode get
used.  Does this mean a future Emacs update will introduce this
newer/different python-mode?  More research is needed.  For now,
things work the way I want them to!
Use the venv-provided ipython as the shell interpreter
Don't use paredit-style bindings

This is what was messing with my windmove bindings.
Revert 'Replace smartparens with electric-pair-mode'

After some usage, electric-pair-mode proved unsatisfactory for things
like {{ or {% pairing when editing django/jinja2 template files.
There wasn't a clear, documented way to ignore characters to pair.

I've re-tested smartparens, and as long as I set my windmove bindings
within the smartparens use-package context, things seem to end up how
I want them.
Customizing frame-title-format

With a small caveat, and some further changes I'd like to make in the
Increase font height when retina var is defined

The new macbooks have a higher resolution and/or dpi.
Re-add several :ensure t declarations

For some reason, these packages cause errors when a fresh setup is ran
unless ensure is explicitly set (despite having
use-package-always-ensure enabled.)

More investigation is needed, but for now I'll just manually ensure.
Set the default tramp method to "ssh"
DRY up with use-package-always-ensure

Remove all :ensure t declarations, insert one :ensure nil.  Thanks to
the usage of use-package-always-ensure less is more here.
Replace smartparens with electric-pair-mode

For some reason, smartparens was overriding my M-j binding for
windmove-down.  This only started recently, and I'm not sure why it
happens, but ultimately I only use smartparens for delimiter matching
so electric-pair should be fine as a replacement (until I feel like
trying paredit.)
Stop smartparens from hijacking windmove bindings
Added a few new helpers

* In case I want to use python2.
* Associate PICO-8 files with lua-mode (for now, it's better than
* Kbd shortcut for pasting, comes in handy on my VM.
Works with Emacs 25 and 26
Use https for org-mode
Explicitly set python-check-command
Explicitly set python-shell-interpreter