ref: 2bb9a7dd5ca8cb281c4f8a9a8bea0508464b5c63 dot-emacs/lib/ui.el -rw-r--r-- 8.3 KiB
Use my material theme fork, better wording
Prevent a startup error
Add the dashboard package and friends

New knob vars:

Conditionally install "eshell-syntax-highlighting"
Use straight.el

Also disable the build since it doesn't work and I am not going to fix
it right now.
Don't trust themes by default, allow trusting them optionally

Trusting is risky but it would allow for a fully automated
installation of all the things provided by this configuration.

I had been trusting the primary theme by default, this is no longer
done and on a normal setup the user will have to accept the Material
theme as well as SML.
Customizable SML theme, reorganize some things

* A lot of stuff in internals.el really belonged in ui.el.  Most of
that has been moved.
* One dangling org-mode thing has been moved as well.
* The SML theme can now be set with an env var.
Explicitly do :ensure t when needed, other changes

Rather than depend on "use-package-always-ensure" (which I had been
using incorrectly anyways), I've decided it's better to have an
explicit ":ensure t".

I've also remove all usage of use-packages :functions and friends;
this was just to silence Flycheck warnings but now there are other
issues that anger it even more, so: good bye.

Last but not least I made some changes to how certain variables are
bound.  This should correct any issues I had with them, and possibly
make them faster.

Actually last: the README was also updated to reflect new things.
Prefer the "dark" sml theme
Move extra files into the lib dir, expand java support
Split everything into separate files