ref: 2bb9a7dd5ca8cb281c4f8a9a8bea0508464b5c63 dot-emacs/lib/h-lsp.el -rw-r--r-- 2.4 KiB
Enable lsp-mode for HTML too
Default to lsp-mode over eglot
This doesn't do anything
Knob to not have the headerline breadcrumb
I don't know what codelenses is...

... so unregister it to silence a startup error.
Defer ruby stuff to LSP
Properly customize pyls
Unbreak go, clean up python stuff

Still need to work out how to disable things like mccabe and etc.
Really use eglot and not lsp-mode
Default to eglot over lsp-mode, update a lot of things
company-lsp is no longer supported by lsp-mode
Disable extra nags with :config, not :init
Add the UI package and a bit of cleanup