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This configuration in action


My Emacs configuration. I use it on Emacs 25.1+, but it should run fine on Emacs 24 (with some warnings.) It sports the Material Theme for Emacs and Smart Mode Line with the Respectful theme. I recommend running this configuration in daemon mode - it's great for GUI Emacs or terminal Emacs.

The main file will set you up with a pretty solid editor for several languages (C/C++, Common Lisp, Lua, Python, Racket, Ruby, YAML, and more) and even some frameworks and other things (Magit, Ansible, Django (via web-mode), Nginx, skewer-mode, and others).

Installation requirements

For language-specific support, you need to have some related packages installed:


For the best completion support for C/C++ (via irony), the below packages are needed:

clang llvm

Then, after running Emacs you will need to interactively run irony-install-server (e.g. M-x irony-install-server RET.)

At the moment, this config doesn't have equivalent support for GCC.


To ensure tern works as expected, the tern binary must be available on your system.


For full lua support via Flycheck, ensure you've got luackeck on your system.


The below packages are needed for full python3 support:

python3 python3-flake8 python3-pip python3-jedi python3-virtualenv

Your distribution or operating system may name them differently. Python 2 support requires equivalent packages for that version.

Mode-specific bindings


These apply to all modes with flycheck compatibility.

  • C-c e n: flycheck-next-error
  • C-c e p: flycheck-previous-error


  • C-c g d: magit-diff
  • C-x g: magit-status


  • C-c f: org-store-link
  • C-c a: org-agenda


  • S-down-mouse-1: Or, shift and left-mouse click; this places the mark runs jedi:goto-definition on it.
  • S-down-mouse-3: Or, shift and right-mouse click; this places the mark runs pydoc-at-point on it.


  • C-c h p: httpd-start
  • C-c h s: httpd-stop


Clone this repo to ~/.emacs.d/ and fire up Emacs, it should work fine on modern Linux and Mac OSX setups.


To use the Clojure, Golang, or Rust bits, one of the following environment variables are required to be defined (the value can be anything): EMACS_CLOJURE, EMACS_GO, or EMACS_RUST (with any value, it just needs to be set) and that file will get loaded.


  • This configuration works best with GUI Emacs. It tries to behave well when used in terminal Emacs (and should be fine on a GNU/Linux system), but there may be issues with some keybindings on macOS.
  • More packages could be split out as I've done with the extra directory.