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This configuration in action


My Emacs configuration. I use it on Emacs 25.1+, but it should run fine on Emacs 24 (with some warnings.) It sports the Material Theme for Emacs and Smart Mode Line with the Respectful theme. I recommend running this configuration in daemon mode - it's great for GUI Emacs or terminal Emacs.

The main file will set you up with a pretty solid editor for several languages (C/C++, Common Lisp, Lua, Python, Racket, Ruby, YAML, and more) and even some frameworks and other things (Magit, Ansible, Django (via web-mode), Nginx, skewer-mode, and others).


Copy all .el files from the root of this repository into your ~/.emacs.d, start Emacs. It may be wise to mv your current ~/.emacs.d out of the way and start fresh.

Two install methods are demonstrated below:

# Put it right in place:
mv -v ~/.emacs.d ~/$(date +%F)-emacs.d
git clone ~/.emacs.d

# Make symlinks
mv -v ~/.emacs.d ~/$(date +%F)-emacs.d
mkdir ~/.emacs.d
git clone ~/src/hristoast-dot-emacs
ln -sv ~/src/toasty-dotfiles/soma/.emacs.d/{init.el,lib} ~/.emacs.d/

If you're an Emacs daemon user, your first run should not be in daemon mode so that you can accept the theme (if you choose to use that). After completing the first successful startup, where all packages and etc are installed, you may start the daemon.


All features are broken into separate library files that can be selectively not loaded via the usage of environment variables:


The above example runs this configuration without any extra support for C/C++, Java, and Rust. A full list of usable variables is below.


Set any of the below environment variables to disable the corresponding packages.

Env Var Description
EMACS_NO_ANSIBLE Packages: company-ansible
EMACS_NO_C_CPP Packages: cc-mode, clang-format, cmake-mode, company-c-headers, company-irony, company-rtags, flycheck-irony, flycheck-rtags, function-args, irony, irony-eldoc
EMACS_NO_CLOJURE Packages: cider, clojure-snippets
EMACS_NO_CSS Packages: css-mode
EMACS_NO_DOCKER Packages: dockerfile-mode
EMACS_NO_EPL Packages: epl
EMACS_NO_FISH Packages: fish-mode
EMACS_NO_GIT Packages: gitignore-mode, magit
EMACS_NO_GODOT Packages: gdscript-mode
EMACS_NO_GOLANG Packages: company-go, go-mode, go-eldoc
EMACS_NO_GROOVY Packages: groovy-mode
EMACS_NO_HTML Packages: html-mode, skewer-mode, web-mode
EMACS_NO_JAVA Packages: meghanada
EMACS_NO_JAVASCRIPT Packages: company-tern, tern
EMACS_NO_JINJA2 Packages: jinja2-mode
EMACS_NO_JSON Packages: json-mode
EMACS_NO_LUA Packages: company-lua, lua-mode
EMACS_NO_MARKDOWN Packages: markdown-mode, markdown-mode+
EMACS_NO_NGINX Packages: nginx-mode
EMACS_NO_ORGMODE Packages: org-plus-contrib
EMACS_NO_PYTHON Packages: blacken, company-jedi, pydoc, python-mode
EMACS_NO_RACKET Packages: racket-mode, racket-repl-mode
EMACS_NO_RUBY Packages: robe, ruby-mode
EMACS_NO_RUST Packages: company-racer, flycheck-rust, racer
EMACS_NO_SHADERS Packages: glsl-mode
EMACS_NO_SLIME Packages: slime-company, slime
EMACS_NO_SYSTEMD Packages: systemd
EMACS_NO_TERRAFORM Packages: company-terraform, terraform-mode
EMACS_NO_TOML Packages: toml-mode
EMACS_NO_YAML Packages: yaml-mode


Set any of the below environment variables to disable the corresponding extra tweaks.

Env Var Description
EMACS_NO_EDITING_TWEAKS Packages: autorevert, clean-aindent-mode, company, counsel, dtrt-indent, flycheck, ido, rainbow-delimiters, rainbow-mode, semantic, smartparens, swiper, undo-tree, windmove, ws-butler, yasnippet, zygospore
EMACS_NO_EXTRA_FUNCTIONS Extra convenience functions.
EMACS_NO_INTERNALS_TWEAKS Tweaks to various Emacs internals.
EMACS_NO_KEYBINDINGS_TWEAKS Custom keybindings that are not necessarily mode-specific.
EMACS_NO_UI_TWEAKS Packages: diff-hl, fireplace, flycheck-status-emoji, smart-mode-line, material-theme

Package-Specific Variables

These variables are for specific packages.

Env Var Description
EMACS_NO_DIFF_HL Don't use diff-hl.
EMACS_NO_FIREPLACE Don't allow Emacs to be a warm cozy fireplace.
EMACS_NO_GOPATH Disable setting GOPATH in this config.
EMACS_NO_GOBINPATH Don't try to add a custom bin dir to exec-path.
EMACS_NO_GOCODE Don't try to set up gocode
EMACS_NO_STATUS_EMOJII Don't use emojii for Flycheck's status.
EMACS_NO_SMART_MODE_LINE Don't use smart-mode-line.
EMACS_NO_THEME Don't load a theme.

Installation Requirements

For language-specific support to fully work, you need to have some related packages installed:


For the best completion support for C/C++ (via irony), the below packages are needed:

clang llvm

Then, after running Emacs you will need to interactively run irony-install-server (e.g. M-x irony-install-server RET.)

At the moment, this config doesn't have equivalent support for GCC.


A working install of a recent go version is needed for the included configuration.


To ensure tern works as expected, the tern binary must be available on your system and somewhere within exec-path.


For full lua support via Flycheck, ensure you've got luackeck on your system and somewhere within exec-path.


The below packages are needed for full python3 support:

python3 python3-flake8 python3-pip python3-jedi python3-virtualenv

Your distribution or operating system may name them differently. Python 2 support requires equivalent packages for that version.


  • As noted above, this configuration needs to be ran with non-daemon Emacs first.
  • Additionally, the very first run will fail with an error regarding ensure-system-package. Re-running Emacs will continue the setup as intended.
  • This configuration works best with GUI Emacs. It tries to behave well when used in terminal Emacs (and should be fine on a GNU/Linux system), but there may be issues with some keybindings on macOS.