Better Balanced Combat Auto Patcher script for Unix-like OSes
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This is a bash script variant of the Better Balanced Combat Auto Patcher script.

#How To Use This

A working install of vanilla Morrowind is required to use the Auto Patcher utility, regardless of your OS.

Additionally, any plugins to be patched need to be in this installation's "Data Files" folder, and the Morrowind.ini file must contain them in the load order section.

Please see this script I wrote for converting an OpenMW load order to a vanilla ini format. It should work on macOS, Linux, or Windows.

Finally, you need a working install of tes3cmd in your $PATH.

Once you have the vanilla install, plugins to be patched in "Data Files", and the correct load order in the vanilla ini file:

  1. Download the latest version of Better Balanced Combat.
  2. Inside the 7z file, there is an "Auto Patcher" directory. From there, extract the BBCAutoPatcher.pl file into the root of your Morrowind install (next to Morrowind.exe).
  3. Open up a terminal and cd into the game root directory (again, next to Morrowind.exe).
  4. Copy BBCAutoPatcher.sh to the game directory.
  5. Run the script, and carefully read the output to proceed: ./BBCAutoPatcher.sh

Please submit any issue via email to admin@modding-openmw.com