I like things in general.


Your Music Cloud


My personal website.


Build a runtime for OpenMW!


MPD server data over HTTP


An Openbox pipe menu generator that reads data from a YAML file.


Source code for the modding-openmw.com website: Source Hut Mirror


3DS fork of sm64-port


Lore-friendly name generator, powered by https://github.com/dmbaturin/bnfgen/


A server-side lua implementation of Natural Character Growth And Decay - MW by Greywander for TES3MP.


Moves mark and recall spell functionality to chat commands, and allows for more than one mark up to a configurable max


A Fennel loader for TES3MP


Yet Another MOTD script for TES3MP


Randomize where new players spawn, comes with default spawn points that are fully configurable.


Ensure that unique items stay unique!

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