I like things in general.


Source code for the modding-openmw.com website: Source Hut Mirror


Lore-friendly name generator, powered by https://github.com/dmbaturin/bnfgen/


My personal website.


A server-side lua implementation of Natural Character Growth And Decay - MW by Greywander for TES3MP.


Moves mark and recall spell functionality to chat commands, and allows for more than one mark up to a configurable max


Build a runtime for OpenMW!


A Fennel loader for TES3MP


Yet Another MOTD script for TES3MP


Randomize where new players spawn, comes with default spawn points that are fully configurable.


Ensure that unique items stay unique!


Set up conditions for login


Your Music Cloud


An Openbox pipe menu generator that reads data from a YAML file.


Transform an openmw.cfg plugin load order into a morrowind.ini one

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