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A 'ggplot2' Extension for Visualizing Density, Distribution, Hazard, or Survival Functions using the 'logspline' Package


Java Archive Wrapper Supporting the 'awsathena' Package


Collect Version Histories For Vendor Products


🍽 A toolkit for manipulating, validating and testing IP addresses and ranges, along with datasets relating to IP addresses. While it primarily has support for the IPv4 address space, more extensive IPv6 support is intended.


⚔️MITRE ATT&CK Machinations in R


Various 'macOS'-oriented Tools and Utilities


R script to render The Art of the Command Line to standalone HTML (Ref: https://rud.is/b/2019/05/31/making-a-command-line-html-rendering-script-for-the-art-of-the-command-line-in-r/)


Query the 'CMU' 'DELPHI' Epidemiological Data 'API' (package wrapper https://github.com/cmu-delphi/delphi-epidata/blob/master/src/client/delphi_epidata.R)


Make 'DNS over HTTPS' Queries


🌪Code for https://rud.is/b/2019/05/18/mapping-tornado-alley-with-r/