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Query and Orchestrate the Davis WeatherLink API


Davis Instruments provides a public API (https://weatherlink.github.io/v2-api/) for owners and users of their weather datalogger products. Tools are provided to query and orchestrate the Davis WeatherLink API (V2).

#What’s Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

  • wl_conditions: Get current conditions data for one station
  • wl_historic_conditions: Get historic conditions data for one station
  • wl_nodes: Get all nodes attached to all weather stations associated with your API Key
  • wl_sensor_activity: Get latest reporting times for all sensors attached to all weather stations associated with your API Key
  • wl_sensors: Get a catalog of all types of sensors
  • wl_stations: Get all weather stations associated with your API Key


Add coverage for the following API endpoints:

  • /stations/{station-ids}
  • /nodes/{node-ids}
  • /sensors/{sensor-ids}
  • /sensor-activity/{sensor-ids}


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