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#sergeant 0.8.0 (in-progress)

  • Column order preserved in REST API & REST API DBI-based calls if using Apache Drill 1.15.0+ (Addresses #18)
  • New drill_functions() function to show all the available Apache Drill built-in functions & UDFs (Apache Drill 1.15.0+ required); this function has an option to display the functions in a widget and has added the DT package to Suggests in the DESCRIPTION file.
  • DBI & dbplyr-REST interface queries now return much better query error messages including original query text and a link to the Drill query profile (so users can do more in-depth debugging)
  • License change to GPL-3 since the pkg now uses code from bibrquery
  • New option() => "sergeant.bigint.warnonce" to control BIGINT warnings. Use options(sergeant.bigint.warnonce = FALSE)
  • Fixed bug in dbListFields() (DrillConnection-class)
  • Added as.integer64() dplyr custom Drill function to convert columns to BIGINT

#sergeant 0.7.0-BETA

  • separated out Java-based functions (i.e. the JDBC driver) into a sibling package sergeant.caffeinated

#sergeant 0.7.0-ALPHA

  • enhanced JDBC connectivity
  • updated REST API to handle new features in Drill 1.14.0

#sergeant 0.6.0

  • Authentication support for DBI/dplyr and drill_connection() pure REST interface

#sergeant 0.5.2

  • Make rJava & RJDBC optional (WIP)
  • Hack to remove ";" at end of queries sent to drill_query()
  • Added dbplyr windows functions to sql_translate_env

#sergeant 0.4.0

  • Getting ready for new dplyr (thx to Edward Visel)
  • Cleaned up roxygen docs so that src_drill is exported now.

#sergeant 0.3.2

  • Finally got quoting done. I thought I had before but I guess I hadn't.
  • Added documnentation for built-in and custom Drill function that are supported.


  • fixed src_drill() example
  • JDBC driver still in github repo but no longer included in pkg builds. See README.md or drill_jdbc() help for more information on using the JDBC driver with sergeant.


  • New DBI interface (to the REST API)
  • dplyr interface now uses the DBI interace to the REST API
  • CRAN checks pass besides size (removing JDBC driver in next dev iteration)



  • experimental alpha dplyr driver


  • can pass RJDBC connections made with drill_jdbc() to drill_query()
  • finally enaled nodes parameter to be a multi-element character vector as it said in the function description


  • support embedded drill JDBC connection


  • tweaked drill_query() and drill_version()


  • Added JDBC connector and included JDBC driver in the package (for now)
  • Changed idiom to piping in a connection object
  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.