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#Test environments

  • local macOS install, R 3.4.1
  • local ubuntu 14.04 install, R 3.4.1
  • ubuntu 12.04 (on travis-ci), R 3.4.1 and oldrel
  • win-builder

#R CMD check results

0 errors | 0 warnings | 0 notes

  • This is a new release.

#Reverse dependencies

This is a new release, so there are no reverse dependencies.

  • WinBuilder seems to be working now (it found httr and covr in the last build).

  • Removed png causing WinBuilder pandoc problems.

  • R-hub is reporting httr and covr are not available so I have not been able to get it to work successfully on that platform.

  • The examples and tests are wrapped in \dontrun{} or testthat:::skip_on_cran() since they absolutely require a running Apache Drill server. Full tests are run on Travis (weekly) with results avaialble for review: https://travis-ci.org/hrbrmstr/sergeant

    The Travis tests install Apache Drill and test out the REST API calls as well as the dplyr/dbplyr interface with live queries.

  • Code coverage is run and is currently at 40%