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Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hrbrmstr/sergeant

dplyr 1.0.0 / {tinytest}
Merge pull request #42 from jameslamb/retry-logic

replaced single-shot HTTP requests with retry logic
6aedfb64 — James Lamb 10 months ago
replaced single-shot HTTP requests with rettry logic
Merge pull request #40 from hrbrmstr/0.8.0

finalizing stuff for release
set markdown for roxygen package-wide in DESCRIPTION
drill_up() for Docker crunchy goodness; cleaned up some storage REST API functions
minor fixes
Added drill_functions() to enable listing of build-in functions & UDFs
separated JDBC
Added roxygen comments to help group functions by API family to help clarify what does what (ref #22)
initial stab at de-auto-coupling rJava & RJDBC
github links in DESCRIPTION
enabled use of drill_jdbc() connections in drill_query()
added an example of using Drill in knitr SQL chunks
minor tweaks (nearling a CRAN release)
README update
add03225 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
CRAN checks
7a0f1246 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
a811b873 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
a few new functions