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Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hrbrmstr/sergeant

dplyr 1.0.0 / {tinytest}
Merge pull request #42 from jameslamb/retry-logic

replaced single-shot HTTP requests with retry logic
6aedfb64 — James Lamb 10 months ago
replaced single-shot HTTP requests with rettry logic
Merge pull request #40 from hrbrmstr/0.8.0

finalizing stuff for release
fixed issue with 0-length query results
drill_up() for Docker crunchy goodness; cleaned up some storage REST API functions
added col types logic to drill_query(); updated tests; updated travis config for drill 1.15.0
Column order preserved (in bare REST API now, too)
separated JDBC
Added roxygen comments to help group functions by API family to help clarify what does what (ref #22)
remove trailing ';' from queries if present
Tweaks for updates to REST API; more tests; code coverage
isolating rJava
initial stab at de-auto-coupling rJava & RJDBC
enabled use of drill_jdbc() connections in drill_query()
added an example of using Drill in knitr SQL chunks
minor tweaks (nearling a CRAN release)
2a8c40aa — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
tweaks to drill_query & drill_version
README update