ref: 2ed19e008d9e502eae63e16e37b073c5c9d908be sergeant/R/dplyr.r -rw-r--r-- 7.7 KiB
tweak to tests; docs cleanup
Added new dbplyr window functions; finished custom function docs;
update pkgdown docs
add R->Drill SQL function mappings for grepl, gsub & trimws
one more travis go
initial stab at de-auto-coupling rJava & RJDBC
getting ready for new dplyr
Merge pull request #6 from alistaire47/master

fixes #5
a8b67849 — Edward Visel 4 years ago
updated for dplyr 0.6/dbplyr

Updated imported functions to dbplyr; changed `dplyr::` references to
`dbplyr::` references where necessary; updated `src_desc` to `db_desc`
(renamed in dbplyr)
Added "contains()` to supported dplyr-mapped UDFs (wraps drill-simple-contains)
df158fbd — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
fixed `src_drill()` example
11fa88d8 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
clean up msgs
Moved out JDBC driver from pkg build; cleaned up documentation; Added local tests.
7c8f3e29 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
Refactored DBI interface & dplyr interface (both rely on Drill REST API now)
12ff3bd0 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
forced a few pkgs to Depends
d88402b6 — Bob Rudis 4 years ago
implemented a large subset of Drill SQL Functions <https://drill.apache.org/docs/about-sql-function-examples/>