tinytest / 2.40.0 jars
update for new htmlunit rls
raw vs string content in wc_inspect
fix remotes
added wc_inspect() for dev tools-ish HAR retrieval
testing functionality against sibling jar pkg update
cloc; conduct
README badges
removed the failing new york^H^Hsuper out of date macOS travis check
cleaned up CRAN checks; added tests
Update .travis.yml

java travis
Merge pull request #2 from everetr/patch-1

In hu_read_html(), fix wc$getPage input: test_url --> url
cfeef2b9 — Everet Rummel 5 years ago
Add myself as contributor.

3db7bcaf — Everet Rummel 5 years ago
Fix getPage input: test_url --> url

Line 83 used to take `test_url` as input. I think this was meant to take `url` as input.
forms & clicks
starting forms