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Provides Dedicated, Platform-Specific Viewers for ‘httpgd’ Graphics Devices


The ‘httpgd’ packages provides a super-fast, asynchronous graphics device for R graphics via ‘svglite’ and ‘later’ packages. Tools are provided to use dedicated, platform-specific graphics “browsers” for ‘httpgd’ graphics devices.

This is an EXPERIMENTAL standalone viewer, written in Go, for the super-cool {httpgd} package remotes::install_github("nx10/httpgd").

The Windows viewer is not built yet because I haven’t got round to it because I detest Windows.

The goal is to have a “Quartz”-like window (for folks familiar with that on macOS) with full functionality. Right now, it’s just a basic viewer (and ‘save’ doesn’t work for some reason that I’m trying to figure out.)

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time on this package as it’ll likely just get Sherlocked w/o notice by RStudio at some point and baked into their ecosystem. I made it mainly for myself as I also detest using the “browser for research” as an application runner.

I’m also just as likely to add an {httpgd} viewer functionality into RSwitch since it already functions as an RStudio Server client and it won’t take much to have it work with {httpgd} directly (or via this package).

If you don’t trust the pre-built viewers, tools-raw has what you need to make your own. They go into tools::R_user_dir(package = "grandview"), "app") and for the macOS one you’ll need to use your own signing cert (you may need to right-click open my built one once due to faux security theatre by Apple).

Because I rely on tools::R_user_dir() this package requires R 4.0.0+. That was a deliberate choice since the adoption rate for R 4.0.0+ is likely low (so I have time to refine this package) and I’d rather rely on it than {rappdirs}.

#What’s Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

  • hgd: Initialize httpgd graphics device, start server, and launch viewer.
  • install_viewer: Install the binary viewer for your platform


# or
# or
# or
# or

NOTE: To use the ‘remotes’ install options you will need to have the {remotes} package installed.



# current version
## [1] '0.1.0'
install_viewer() # you'll get prompts to do this

hgd() # it accepts params which will get passed to the viewer

# plot stuff


#grandview Metrics

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#Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.