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#Test environments

  • local OS X install, R 3.5.1
  • ubuntu 14.04 (on travis-ci), R 3.5.1
  • win-builder (devel and release)

#R CMD check results

0 errors | 0 warnings | 1 note

  • This is a new release.

#Reverse dependencies

This is a new release, so there are no reverse dependencies.

  • This package is useful for generating metrics to measure code complexity and language diversity as well as coding-style.

  • I had neglected to re-build the Rd files before the first submission. Ironically, I modified the package tests and examples to remove the .java file (since the CRAN pre-check system seems incapable of distinguishing between example files and actual code for pacakges when there's a .java file in the inst/ directory). This has been fixed.