ls with icons from nerd fonts
dir different color from mod time
show full path for single files
skip summary for single files



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#Nerd LS

Nerd LS is a drop-in replacement for ls, providing color and icons while staying blazing fast.


  nerd-ls [OPTIONS]

Application Options:
  -a, --all   Include directory entries whose names begin with a dot (.)
  -l, --long  List in long format
  -i, --icon  Display nerd-font icons
  -S, --sort= Sort files by size or type

Help Options:
  -h, --help  Show this help message


go install git.sr.ht/~howeyc/nerd-ls@latest
alias ls=nerd-ls # optional

In order to have icons included with the -i/--icon flag, a patched Nerd Font is required.

Font Options:


The following projects have provided either inspiration, configuration, or implementation guidance. Thank you!!



This project is licensed under the MIT License